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As the name suggests, the site gives an overview of the hotels available on the Chiemsee - but we also hope to provide a fair amount of supplementary information for visitors to this largest of all of Bavaria's lakes.

Chiemsee - what and where?

The Chiemsee is located south-east of Munich close to the Austrian border on the main train and road route between Munich and Salzburg. It is a very popular holiday destination and choice for day excursions for Germans, but is relatively little known in the English-speaking world.

Those that are aware of the lake have probably driven past it on the motorway to the south or have heard of its main attraction - the castle of Herrenchiemsee built by Ludwig II of Bavaria (the 19th century ruler behind the more popular Neuschwanstein and Linderhof castles).

The lake itself is a remnant of the glacial era and is what is left over of a massive depression scooped out by the masses of ice heading north out of the Alpine areas. Over the millions of years the bowl has filled in by sediment - the current Chiemsee is still fed by the rivers Tiroler Achen and Prien.

As well as a centre for holidays and day trips, it is also a popular sporting centre, with sailing and windsurfing featuring high on the list of pastimes (in fact, the name Chiemsee is also known as a brand of clothing which originally came from boardsports).

Lake Chiemsee

What's on the site?

Calling the site means there had better be something about hotel accommodation on the lake. The Chiemsee Hotels page shows hotels all around the lake marked on a map. Click the marker and contact information, a link to the hotel website and a thumbnail of the site will open. (By the way, the hotels haven't been chosen or specially picked because they are paying to be featured!) There are also individual sections for three of the main villages around the lake with the first page featuring information about the village and the second a listing of the hotel accommodation available:

The lake also boasts two beautiful islands which can be visited using the ferry service. More information about the castle mentioned above can be found on the Herrenchiemsee page, while details of the smaller but equally attractive neighbouring community can be found on the Fraueninsel page.

Getting to the Chiemsee by road or rail is dealt with on the Chiemsee Travel page, and getting around the lake once you are here is detailed on the Chiemsee Transport page.

Enjoy your visit!

Lake Chiemsee

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