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Seebruck am Chiemsee

Seebruck is the largest settlement on the northern shore of the Chiemsee, with just over 1500 inhabitants. It is located where the river Alz flows from the lake and - from a historical point of view - on the old Roman trade route between the settlements of Salzburg and Augsburg.

Traces of an old Roman settlement (Bedaium) have been found and there is a museum in the village displaying some of the finds from the archaeological site. The museum is normally open five days a week in the summer and is located near the centre of the village close to the church of St Thomas, which is located on the foundations of a castle built in post-Roman days.

Seebruck am Chiemsee

The view of Seebruck from an approaching ferry features the masts of many yachts and the yacht harbour in the village is one of the largest in Bavaria. There is a bathing area near the harbour.

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